Awesome Vendor List

By: Kelsie Taylor of Kelsie Taylor Photography
My Review: When I first saw our Engagement photos all I could think is WOW, she is amazing. Kelsie was very fun to work with. She has always been professional, timely, and friendly. Her photos are very beautiful and artistic. I highly recommend her if you need a photographer. Check out this sample set of our engagement photos:

By: PenelliBelle
My Review: I love PenelliBelle's jewelry designs. At first I got a necklace and earrings from her. I realized that I could ask her to make me matching items. I ended up having her make me a matching brooch. I ended up seeing a cute bracelet for my bridesmaids. She told me that it was a one of a kind, but she could make me a similar one for my other bridesmaid. When I was buying those, I found a bracelet for me. When we switched our bridesmaids dresses from a halter style to straps, we thought that they could use necklaces, so PenelliBelle worked with me to design some necklaces for them. PenelliBelle was easy to work with, always had great suggestions, and was very quick to make and send my jewelry out. I would recommend her jewelry to anyone needing jewelry for a special occasion.

Something Special (You will see)
By: Dave
My Review: Very great guy to work with. He makes excellent pottery. If you need any pottery for any reason he can make what you want. I cannot say much more without giving the surprise away.

By: Slice of Heaven
My Review: Very flavorful food. We are picky eaters, and this caterer has flavorful enough food for our tastebuds to feel like the went to heaven... They have a very fitting name.

By: Don Clark
My Review: I haven't heard him in person yet, but Don Clark is a wonderful guitarist, and has a great voice. Click on the link above and hear for yourself.

By: Rev. Christopher Tuttle
My Review: Christopher is an awesome and friendly person. When I met him I felt very comfortable around him. He is very professional, punctual, and easy to get along with. If you ever need an officiant I really recommend him.

By: Edelweiss European Bakery
My Review: I have known about this bakery for quite a while now. They make very tasty treats.

By: D'Angelo Couture
My Review: My main stress, so far, has came from this shop. I have had a few major problems with this shop, one that they ended up fixing, the rest I am afraid for them to fix, because I will have no time to get new bridesmaids and mothers dress if they did try. (read my February 18, 2011 diary entry for more information) I do not recommend this shop to anyone.

By: Robin Jillian
My Review: Robin Jillian makes the most beautiful and well priced bridal gowns. I somewhat would recommend these gowns, but there aren't many shops that can sell their dresses, and I think the only one near San Diego would be the one I went to. If I knew what stress D'Angelo Couture were going to cause I would have passed on this dress.

By: Nordstrom
My Review: This is where we got our final bridesmaids dresses, Jeff's shirt, and the groomsmen's shirts. Of course I would recommend Nordstrom for any shopping, everyday or special occasion.

By: Rock & Republic
My Review: We love these jeans. Jeff only wears this brand of jeans, and I only have two pairs of jeans that aren't this brand! All of the men in our wedding party will be wearing these jeans. These jeans are the most well made, comfortable jeans ever. If you are put off by the price just go to one of their sample sale, where they have a large selection of sizes and designs for up to 85 percent off!

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